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Fuel Tanks in Lebanon, CT

We know heating oil tanks. If you’re in need of maintenance, a repair, or new installation, we will provide you with first-class service.

Fuel Tank Professionals Near Lebanon, CT

Fuel Tank Services in CT – When You Need Them

Heating Oil Tanks Installed in Lebanon, CT and Surrounding Areas

Your oil tank is relied upon to provide energy and warmth throughout your house. At DTS Oil & Gas, we are committed to providing you with all your oil tank installation needs. We have experience working with and installing all types of heating oil fuel tanks throughout eastern Connecticut. If you are in need of a new fuel tank, we can install a new, more recent model, and/or remove and dispose of your old one.

Newer home fuel oil tank models are often more desirable as they are more efficient and are typically more compact. This allows for more flexibility in terms of its location on your property for its installation.

When to Replace Your Heating Oil Tank

As with any equipment you own, oil tanks do wear eventually wear out. It’s most common for residential oil tanks to havea lifespan between 15-20 years — possibly longer if well-maintained. If you’re unsure of your tank’s age and would like to be, it can be assessed.

There are warning signs it might be time to replace your oil tank, some of which include:

  • Oil runs and wet spots
  • Rust, dents, and corrosion
  • Unstable legs
  • Frozen/broken fuel gauge
  • Oil ineffiency

If you encounter any of the above warning signs, you should have your tank inspected as soon as possible. We will be able to diagnose a problem and repair or replace your tank.

Benefits of a New Oil Tank

  • Protect your furnace
  • Avoid tank failure
  • Boost safety
  • Conserve energy

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